Very good

Natalie B.

Efficient and patient! My mother and I felt comfortable and happy with the overall experience.

Lisa S.

My first eye appointment in ages. Had an appointment to get my eyes checked. There practically was no wait. Dr. Leonard Fuzaylov Was informative and very pleasant to work with. The staff was also super nice and friendly. I would definitely go back and recommend him to friends and family.

Bassam S.

The office was very bright and clean and welcoming. The staff was amazing and very helpful. I was impressed with their professionalism as I have autistic children and they were able to work with them even when they weren’t cooperating,.

Nicole P.

Very good clinic & office. Clean and Comfortable. Doctor and his crew are very professional and take good care of you. Highly recommended.

Veli Y.

Wonderful experience! The ladies at the front desk were helpful and very friendly. Dr. Fuzaylov was really friendly and professional. I felt really comfortable with him. He was patient and thorough, and addressed all my concerns. Highly recommended!

Maria A.

Very pleasant doctor, nice and cordial staff!

Betty V.

the office is in a very clean ambient ,the personnel are very communicative and professional. I recommends Doctor Leonard Fuzaylov for any aye care.

Ana S.

great experience, very informative and helpful

Binit A.

I went in for an eye exam and it was thorough and my questions and concerns were addressed. The exam consisted of looking into a machine that showed images at different levels of clarity, a refraction test, and an exam of my eye(all three done by the doctor himself). Based on my experience I would recommend Doctor Fuzaylov to people who are looking to get their vision/eyes checked.

Daniel N.

Great service throughout. The ladies at the front desk were super friendly and helpful as was the doctor. It’s super clear that Fuzaylov knows his stuff.

Rishad K.